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Finance and CS @UConn | Intersection of capital, strategy, and tech
1787 Constitutional Convention, Futurized

Technology products have transformed every major industry — but one. The public sector still remains a major exception. Although this is changing — and changing more quickly than many anticipated, the government still represents one of the final frontiers for major technological innovation.

So What Exactly is GovTech?

GovTech is the classification of technology that supports or enables the provision of public services. As a sector, it encompasses companies using technology to modernize the operations of government. The term is generally associated with startups building products for government customers, but can also refer to companies who rely on government referrals or work with government suppliers…

Citrix Team, 1989


Citrix is a great business with strong cash flows, a robust client base, and long standing strategic partnerships. Recent trends in work from home applications paired with Citrix’s transition from perpetual licenses to a SaaS subscription model make its growth prospects incredibly attractive. Additionally, it is of my belief that Citrix is currently undervalued, both fundamentally and when compared to its peers.


In a famous 1970 New York Times Article, Milton Friedman postulated that the CEO, as an employee of the shareholder, must strive to provide the highest possible return for all shareholders. Since that article, the United States has embraced this idea as the fundamental philosophy supporting the ultimate purpose of businesses — The Shareholders Come First.

In August of 2019, the Business Roundtable, a group made up of the most influential U.S CEOs, published a letter shifting their stance on the purpose of a corporation. Regardless of whether this piece of paper will actually result in any systematic changes has…

Tyler Lasicki

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